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 SFDC & Machine Monitoring

Giving you business insights as they happen live and online

Shop Floor Data Capture should no longer be regarded as an option but as an essential part of a fast moving, accurate and effective Management Information System.


Operatives no longer use their time struggling to complete a manual time sheet each day.

Accuracy of the data captured is more reliable and no office time is wasted each day with double entry.

Live viewing on screen of the current position of every job, of every collection centre and of every operative. Particularly useful to Production Controllers. All data is captured live to the central file server so that an individual terminal can be turned off, or temporarily used for other purposes without any loss.

Pair this with our various machine monitoring options and it makes for a highly powerful insight tool into your business's standing in real time.  We have the ability to connect via a direct feed from your machine or via our SentinelNet devices to support legacy equipment.

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