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Covid-19: Imprint's response

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

10th June 2020

As we as a society and an industry adapt to the ever changing world and the dawn of the "new normal" we thought we would put together some answers to some questions that have been raised since the start of the pandemic. This outlines how we as a company are responding to this evolving situation and details any changes that we have had to implement:

Is it still business as normal for Imprint?

Yes it is. Being a software company we have still been fortunate to be able to offer service and support to our customers as well as being able to speak to new prospective customers. We have managed to keep our service desk fully operational and maximised the use of remote services for Installations, training and demos.


Have programming capabilities been effected?

Definitely not. No programming staff have been furloughed or made redundant during the epidemic. In fact the initial quiet start of the lock-down has enabled our programmers to fast track some development projects, with new programs and integration capabilities soon to be launching later this month.


Can you still provide training?

Yes. Traditionally our training is quoted as days on site. We have now moved to a model of breaking a training day into 2 hour online session blocks. These seem to be working really well and we have received some really positive feedback.


Can I still book a demo with you?

Most definitely and please feel free to do so as we would love to hear from you.


Can you still implement the installation process without attending our site?

Absolutely we can. In fact we have been able to successfully start installing MIS projects during lock-down. We can do this by remotely setting up the system and implement online training.


Are you prepared to attend site in the future?

At this moment in time the government guideline objective is "To minimise the number of unnecessary visits to factories, plants and warehouses." full details can be found here As all our services can be provided remotely at this moment in time company policy is that we will not attend site. As well as reducing onsite unnecessary risk, our sales and training staff often have to arrange overnight stays in order to attend site. Under current law this is prohibited.

We are as keen as you are to again be able to physically attend site and this policy is constantly under review. Any future decisions will be dealt with on a case by case basis in consultation with the company asking us to attend, the individual that would potentially be attending and the rest of the Imprint management team.


What steps have you taken onsite in regard to safety and social distancing?

We have the majority of our staff work from home and that has had a minimal impact on our services. The few people that are attending our main premises are all working in separate offices. We operate a strict social distancing policy and frequently clean working areas. At this moment in time we are not permitting any visitors to our offices and again this is constantly under review.


As an industry together we continue to adapt and achieve; we wish all our customers the very best of health for you, your colleagues and family.


The Imprint team

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