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 Data Reporting

Being able to get access to the business insights you need and you define, that are customisable inhouse should be fundamental to a good mis system. We at Imprint feel the same and whats better we can give you the right tool for the job.


Fully realised and designed in house MyData is a very powerful reporting tool that reads directly from the database with data and graphical reports running live with the option to easily create your own amazing bespoke reports. We start you off with a series of templates that you can then alter and adapt to get to the data you need.


You do not need to have advanced report writing skills as is so often the case with other systems although more advanced users can integrate SQL queries seamlessly into reports with Imprint’s standard integration set.

MyData works in real-time, so as the jobs/estimates/customers change, so do the reports, providing your staff with up to the minute data to run your departments and supply you with the data to run your business.

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