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The Imprint Warehouse/Tracking system allows sites to be configured into identifiable areas and to track movement and current position of stock, finished stock, work-in-progress, e.g. sections, direct mail items, etc. within those areas.

The system which can handle multiple sites, can be configured site to site in a variety of ways, from very simple areas, white paper warehouse, machine room, dispatch, etc. to very detailed layouts, warehouse, area, bay, rack, shelf, etc.

With our online version also available, making for a more flexible application.

Bar-coded pallet /box labels are produced by the system. All an operator has to do is shoot the barcode on the pallet or box, and shoot the barcode on the area wall or shelf. The position of the item is then logged back to the main system. An enquiry window allows users to locate items very quickly by a range of criteria: stock code, job number, section, picking-note for Finished Stock, etc.

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