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When it comes to estimating over 40 years we have built a plethora of estimating applications. We also have dedicated estimating systems for different areas of industry.

Utilising a Cost with markup system to help you keep track of that all in important profit margin


Some of the highlights of the benefits we can provide are:

Automatically working out the most cost effective method of production and producing a quotation letter in seconds by analysing and selecting the best printing process and finishing route for the job in question.


Incorporating impositions, working out from an outline specification the most cost effective method of production, completing an entire estimate in seconds. Imposition layouts, sheet sizes are calculated taking into account grips, trims, leaves, gutters, binding laps and trim, etc. with the option to create JDF data from information created within the estimate.

Quick pick estimating for Project building style quotations, for example wide format projects.

For repeat work a routes shortcut system that pre-loads user defined quotation parameters to reduce rekeying of information.

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