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Importance of a project leader when implementing an mis system

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Who will be your Champion?

Why a champion is so important in the first place

When trying to implement a project as large as an MIS installation a common misconception is that the project can be done by an outside team who come in for a few days install some programs and shortly after everything “goes live”. We really wish this was the case and could tell you that a proper true MIS goes in as easy as that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and where most MIS projects fail is that they don’t have the right person to bring the project in or they so have the right person, but they are not given the right tools or time to implement it.

Some people might look to bring in a consultant to help implement a system and while this can sometimes help an installation as a long-term investment there needs to be a passing of the torch from the consultant. Any consultant worth their salt will work with the customer to ensure there are systems and people in place to keep a project alive after the project is signed off. An MIS system is a constant evolving and growing enterprise that if it is a good one should be able to grow and adapt to your business model.


Who should you choose?

An Imprint Champion should first and foremost be a person with first-hand knowledge of the Company Production processes and of Estimating Principles. It is also beneficial for this person to be I.T. literate as the work involved is heavily dependent on Data Entry and Database Implementation.

As well as this they should be self-motivated and driven to want the project to succeed. So, one who is enthusiastic about fulfilling your MIS implementation and vision with good communication skills will greatly increase your chances of completing the project on time and within budget.

As time goes on the champion can then help you identify other areas of the business that can benefit from some investment of time and resources.

An MIS should always be seen as a continuously evolving project and your champion will be vital in helping to define that process.


The results

Investing in people is just as important as investing in anything else.

With a motivated champion in place and the right solutions; you will quickly be able to see the return on investment in your MIS and start reaping the rewards of increased efficiency and real savings.

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