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Imprint's new Automation Engine Integration goes live

Imprint-MIS have now launched their latest fully functioning integration. After being in development for 2 years Imprint are now able to offer this to their entire customers base.

The integration includes a built from the ground up Projects system interface as part of their web-based Dashboard module. Projects allow users to create different form templates quickly to log information at the outset of an enquiry with information relevant to their company structure. Also, users can associate files to either a form, product or the overall project itself. All activity and events are logged, and access levels are configurable on a user-by-user basis.

Imprint integrated with Esko Automation Engine allows customers to begin building products at enquiry stage which can later trigger workflows to make automated checks to artwork. Esko Automation Engine can then send information back to update the MIS product and production job status values. Similarly, status changes can be triggered from the MIS back to Esko Automation Engine. Within the Project interface users can view all the relevant information related to the product such as CAD layouts, Print sheet visibility and ink data.

The newly created product can then be automated to create job bags on the fly, reducing further touch points in the business.

Peter Horwood Commercial manager of Imprint explains the benefits:

“The brief was to help customer service teams save time on duplicating data entry when creating an enquiry. Our integration allows customers to create new products and assign tasks to other Imprint users to give projects clarity and focus. Data is key so being able to access this information from the MIS is vital to our customers.”

As well as data flow being bi-directional between the 2 systems; Imprint have enhanced functionality to include parity of layout information between systems.

Bjorn Willems, managing strategic partners at Esko adds: “Just like our customers’ operations extend beyond artwork editing and workflow automation, the Esko ecosystem of solutions reaches further than just the Esko products. Integrating Esko Automation Engine with Imprint ensures our common customers can experience the power of an integrated and connected workflow.”

Peter concludes:

“Working with Esko has been a real pleasure. The results have meant we have now created a solid and powerful solution providing real benefits to customers striving to automate their processes.”

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